Archangelic Light is a healing energy with its roots in Arcing Radial Light Healing©. It is a loving, high vibration field of energy that focuses on a specific intention(s) during a session. The intention(s) is set in the affirmative and is often best accomplished when used for 3 consecutive sessions. Archangelic Light is also done while fully clothed – shoes or bulky jewelry, belts, might be removed for comfort – and can be done while lying on your back on a table or in a chair if that is preferable.
Archangelic Light is generally associated with Divine Feminine energies and works in the energetic fields of one’s body. As a practitioner, I will call in your Divine.

Spirit Guides and Archangels as well as my own to assist with the healing process and the intention(s) of the session. The intention for the session will be stated twice – at the beginning and middle of the session – while you relax and receive the energy needed. With Archangelic Light, my hands will not touch you – the work is done in the energy field above your body. Some people experience the energy as cool and very opening, that is, an area of their body may feel as if it is opening up to new ideas, thoughts or feelings.
Once the energy session is complete, I will discuss any messages or images that I received for you during the session. I have learned that while something may not make sense to me, it is very important that I tell you any information that I am given. This information will help you in your healing process or in the manifesting of your intention(s).

A sample of some great reasons to experience Archangelic Light:
  • For healing of a relationship
  • To call in success for a business
  • To ask for clarity regarding a specific situation
  • To increase creativity
  • For physical or energetic healing of body/spirit

Archangelic Light can be done by itself or in combination with other healing energies. If you are ready to experience this opening energy, please give me a call (252-218-2614), or click here to send me a message, and we’ll set up a time for you come in!